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We offer a variety of weekly small group training sessions with easy online booking!

If this is the first time booking with us, please follow the link below to set up your account on our booking system.  Once you have your account, you can log-in and book below!



Small Group Training

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New Mamas Fitness

Offering new Mamas a safe return to exercise.

Post-natal fitness classes are offering new mamas the safe return to exercise.  All sessions take into account some postpartum physical states, such as prolapse and diastasis recti, giving new moms the most beneficial exercises without the worry of strain.  All participants are encourage to see their doctor and pelvic floor/women's health physiotherapist before starting any  new exercise plan.  All session can individually modified for each participant.  Get in touch HERE for more information

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GoFit Strength

Strength training is a key component to women's health:

Focuses on multi-joint movements such as variations of squats, deadlifts, presses, rows, and also targeted core training.  Exercises may be bodyweight or use a variety of equipment such as: dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, barbell, and resistance bands.  The program intensity is increased based on fitness levels and abilities.  ALL fitness abilities are welcome.  Do not be intimidated by strength training!  It is incredibly beneficial for women, especially as we age.  Found out why here.

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Come experience the superpowers of kettlebells! 

This class teaches the basic movements involved in Russian Hardstyle kettlebell technique. Sessions include group work, as well as a bespoke training program for each participant based on their fitness level and ability.  Training is broken down into:

  • Warm-up

  • Mobility Complex

  • Strength-building exercises

  • Swings/Conditioning work

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Core Restore.png

Build a strong core and back:This class focuses on gaining core and back stability through targeted core, back, and glute-building exercises.  Forget crunches...we use focused strength-building exercises to increase pelvic floor health, build a strong, healthy back, and improve posture.  It is a very beneficial class for all women. 


Let's get ready to rumble!

This high-intensity, fast-paced small-group session is a combination of fitness boxing, hardstyle kettlbells, cross-training, and targeted core work. 

Guaranteed to get you moving, sweating, and smiling!

*minimum booking 2 people

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