Winter 2017/2018

New Class for 2018!

BoxFIT: fitness boxing, kettlebells,and targeted Core Work

Fit Nutrition - FitKIDS

Teaching our kids the value of good health through strong exercise and nutrition habits

This will be a hands-on, interactive course for kids ages 6 - 18 years old and grouped according to age.

The exercise sessions will be physically active, teaching the kids about different types of exercise the body needs and the benefits and positive effects that regular exercise will have on their health as they grow. The nutrition/cooking sessions will be dedicated to teaching the kids the basics of good nutrition and getting them into the kitchen to create delicious, nutritious examples of these foods. More details to follow!

Sessions will be offered Wednesday afternoons and are set to start after the Toussaints holidays in early November.

Sessions location TBA - will take place in the Mougins/Valbonne/Sophia-Antipolis/ area.

If you are interested and would like sign-up on the pre-registration list, please follow the link HERE.

Build strength and confidence through Hardstyle Kettlebell training

Core Restore

Increase core, pelvic floor, and back health

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