A healthy life begins with good nutrition.

Are you confused and overwhelmed by all the misinformation the fitness media churns out on a daily basis?
Tired of fad diets that are not sustainable?
Don't know whether you should be gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, raw, primal or paleo?
Want to get off the diet rollercoaster forever?

No matter what your health and fitness goal is...it always starts with ACTION.

The FIT NUTRITION 8-week LiveFIT course is the action step you need to build a rock-solid nutrition foundation - for life.  You will finally have the tools and the knowledge to decide exactly what is right for you, your body, and your life. 

You will never try another fad diet - ever.

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who is:

  • Tired of extreme fad diets that never lead to long-term results

  • Confused by all the misinformation churned out by the Fitness media on a daily basis

  • Tired of being on the diet roller coaster of gaining/losing weight

  • Confused about whether you should be gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, raw, or paleo

  • Concerned about the current nutrition and eating habits of your partner and children

  • Looking for a more manageable and sustainable lifestyle around food and eating habits

One habit at a time:  Focusing on less to achieve more.

Sorry to burst your bubble folks...there is no magic pill. 

As shiny and bright as fad diets and extreme meal plans seem, they do not work.

Slow is better.  It's not sexy.  It's not trendy.  But it works.

This course offers a sustainable approach to good nutrition and can easily adapt to our different stages of life - whether it be post-pregnancy, post-illness or injury, menopause, weight loss goals, aging, etc.

Our bodies are constantly changing.  Each stage of life requires adjustments and a different approach to nutrition and energy balance.  The habits stay the same.  The habits act as our foundation.  You will develop the tools to adapt to these different stages of life.  The goal is not to simply survive.


I want you to learn to THRIVE.

The Course:

  • 6 in-person, group sessions spaced over 8 weeks where you will be introduced to the five super habits of good nutrition

  • 3 half-hour, one-to-one coaching calls to further indivdualize the course to fit your needs

  • Weekly lessons that tap into your self-discovery, personal growth, mind-set, and lifestyle habits that affect our eating habits and weight loss efforts

  • Creative, tasty, and healthy whole food recipes

  • Create your own LiveFIT workbook and your "Owner's Manual" to reference during and after the course

  • Every two weeks, a new foundational habit is introduced and practiced

  • On-going learning through challenging and thought-provoking assignments that will help you:

    • adapt your mind-set through new lifestyle changes

    • create awareness of your current nutrition habits

    • help decipher food labels

    • navigate smart supermarket shopping 

    • guide you in a kitchen clean-out and set-up to support your new habits

    • stay honest and accountable for your food choices

    • create whole food menus and shopping lists

    • bring awareness to other lifestyle habits that directly affect your nutrition

  • Supportive online community in private Facebook group where we explore and discuss our weekly assignments and how we are adapting to change

What you will learn:

  • Practice manageable essential nutrition habits that build over time

  • Develop healthy nutrition habits for life

  • Learn what good nutrition is and how to incorporate it into your family life

  • Learn to focus on progress, rather than perfection

  • Develop strategies that keep you on track and stay accountable when life gets messy, busy, and real

  • Develop awareness for other lifestyle habits that directly affect your health, weight loss efforts, and performance

  • Listen to your internal cues rather than be a slave to external factors such as strict diets, meal plans, the scale, and calorie counting

  • Discover the freedom of what is right for YOU - Write your "Owner's Manual" according to your body and your life

  • Expert guidance, care, and support through my coaching and our online community

  • Learn to do the right things, CONSISTENTLY - for life.

Want to have the best of both worlds?  Do you want to TRAIN with us and take LiveFIT? 

**Whole Foods Lunch:  everyone will create their version of one of the whole foods recipes presented on the course to share at our super group session

Are you ready take back control of your nutrition and your life forever?


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